Dose with Precision

with the NEW Simplicity Dosing Pump

Customize Your Dosing

with the NEW Simplicity 5L Modular Dosing Container

Revolutionize Coral Dipping

with the NEW Simplicity Coral Dipping Container

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Focus on what matters.

Our high-quality reef aquarium products are easy to use, reliable and affordable. You can now shift your focus from providing additional care for  your aquarium to sitting back and watching your system thrive.

DC Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmers

Five sizes of DC skimmers with included controller

Return Pump

DC Pumps

Four sizes of DC pumps with included controller

Coral Dipping Container

4-liter container with features 10x magnification

Dosing Pump

4-head automatic dosing pump with built-in controller

Modular Dosing Container

Dosing Containers

2-liter and 5-liter modular and 3x 2-liter dosing containers

carbon and gfo

Filter Media

Improve your water quality with Ultra Carbon 410 and GFO

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