About Us

Our Promise

It's simple. We promise to be there when you need us.

We stand behind all of our products with a satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year prorated limited warranty and unlimited lifetime support.

Our Products

Simplicity Aquatics was founded by aquarists who thought affordability and quality should not be mutually exclusive. Each of our products are built with care and offer the following:


Spend more money on what is truly important – corals and fish.

Ease of Use

Thoughtfully designed to work seamlessly with your system and built to last.

Reliable Support

We promise to be there when you need us, before the sale and any time after.

Our Dealers

Our dealers are our lifeblood.

Our dealers are on the front lines, interacting with the folks who are either already using or considering using our products and we consider them critical to the long term success of our brand.

Wholesale Only

Our products are currently available only through our dealers. Click here to inquire.

Healthy Margins

Simplicity product profit margins are often higher than the industry average

Lifetime Support

We offer U.S.A.-based, unlimited lifetime support for all of our products.