Introducing the Simplicity 4-head Dosing Pump

At Simplicity Aquatics, we are excited to unveil our latest innovation in liquid dosing solutions – the Simplicity 4-Head Dosing Pump. Combining precision, affordability, and easy-to-use controls, this dosing pump simplifies and enhances your aquarium maintenance routine. Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or just starting, this Dosing Pump offers a reliable and convenient solution for accurate liquid dosing.

Accurate and Precise Dosing

The Simplicity 4-Head Dosing Pump features four individually programmable pumps, allowing you to easily dose liquids. With an accuracy of 0.1 mL for every 10 mL dosed, you can trust that your aquarium’s chemical levels will be maintained with precision. This high level of accuracy protects your corals’ health and well-being.

Integrated Controls for Easy Operation

The manual control panel of the Simplicity 4-head Dosing Pump allows for easy setup and adjustments to any dosing regimen. Each pump can be programmed independently, offering the flexibility to dose as frequently as once per hour or as infrequently as once every 30 days. This customizable control allows you to tailor the dosing schedule to your aquarium needs.

Compact and Versatile Design

The Simplicity 4-Head Dosing Pump features a compact and space-saving design, measuring just 7.9″ long x 3.0″ wide x 4.0″ tall. This sleek profile ensures the pump can easily integrate into your aquarium setup. Whether you prefer to mount it, flush on a wall, or place it on a shelf, the dosing pump offers flexible installation options to suit your preference and available space.

Simplicity Dosing Pump Mounting Holes
Simplicity Dosing Pump Mounting Holes

Convenient Pump Head Labels

Organizing dosing solutions has never been easier with this Dosing Pump. The package includes pump head labels that allow you to quickly and accurately identify each pump’s contents. This feature saves you time and ensures you can manage and monitor your dosing regimen effortlessly.

Dosing Pump Labels
Dosing Pump Labels


The Simplicity 4-Head Dosing Pump is designed to be the perfect partner for all Simplicity Dosing Containers. It offers seamless compatibility and ensures efficient and hassle-free dosing operations. 

Simplicity Dosing Container Options
Simplicity Dosing Container Options

With their Dosing Pump, Simplicity Aquatics offers a reliable, accurate, and affordable liquid dosing solution for your aquarium needs. Its four dosing heads, compact design, and integrated controls provide you with the versatility and ease of use required for maintaining optimal water chemistry. Experience the convenience and precision of the Simplicity 4-Head Dosing.

The Simplicity 4-head Dosing Pump is available for $149.95 through our network of authorized dealers.

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