Protein Skimmers: How to Set Up a Simplicity DC Skimmer

Now that you have your skimmer box in hand, let’s see if we can make it as easy as possible to get it set up and running…

Assemble Pump & Body

  1. Remove white thumb screws on base of skimmer and detach skimmer body.
  2. Slide the pump onto pump support already mounted to skimmer base.
  3. Attach bubble plate to pump, secure with retaining nut as shown.
  4. Secure the bubble plate lid using nylon screw.
  5. Route the pump power cable into the slot located in the skimmer base, then orient the bubble plate lid so the section without holes is above the pump output.
  6. Reassemble skimmer body to base using thumb screws. Ensure the hole in the skimmer body is aligned with the pump intake.

Assemble Air Intake

  1. Assemble air intake silencer.
  2. Insert venturi into pump volute / intake.
  3. Attach airline hose to venturi and air silence.

Install Skimmer

After fully assembling your skimmer, it’s time to install it on your system.

Installation Requirements:

  • In-sump Installation Only
  • Install in sump after filter sock or other mechanical filter to prevent floating debris and other material from entering the skimmer.
  • For optimal performance, ensure that your skimmer is running in water of the following depth:
  • For 120DC, 240DC and 320DC Skimmers: 7-9 inches
  • For 540DC and 800DC Skimmers: 8-10 inches

If needed, adjust the baffles on your sump to adjust the water level in the skimmer section. If that is not an option, use an acrylic stand or an upside down Tupperware container to raise up your skimmer so that it is sitting in the correct amount of water.

Connect Controller and Power Supply

  1. Connect controller to pump and mount your controller in a cool, dry and accessible location.
  2. Connect power supply to controller and mount power supply in a cool, dry location. Do NOT place the power supply on the floor of your aquarium stand as even a little water in your stand can destroy it.
  3. Connect the power supply to power and you are ready to start skimming!

For additional assistance, please watch our skimmer setup video below. The model shown in the video is a 240DC, however the same basic installation instructions apply to all sizes.

Please check back again in the future for information on how to break in a skimmer and how to tune its performance. As always, if you need any additional assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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