Simplicity Dosing Container

Simplicity Dosing Container: Get Organized with Really Neat Dosing

Every saltwater aquarist faces challenges with dosing. One of the common problems is trying to keep all the different additives organized and neat. Many aquarists have the equivalent of a rat’s nest in their sump.

We have a solution for that problem: the Simplicity Dosing Container.

Installed Float Switch

This acrylic container will solve your dosing problems. Being acrylic, it’s impervious to chemicals used in reef keeping, including 2- or 3-part, RODI for top off, nutrient/bacterial supplements or lanthanum salts. It’s calibrated in both imperial and metric units. 

Worried about running out of liquids?  Integrated float switch holders and optional float switches can be quickly mounted and hooked up to your favorite aquarium computer controller for monitoring and alerts to low levels. It has a snug-fitting lid but not so snug that it creates a vacuum. Yeah, we thought of that.

There are three compartments, and each compartment will hold two liters of liquid perfect for dosing calcium, alkalinity and magnesium or any other liquid aquarium additives or supplements your heart desires. The hose connectors are PVC, so they are tough, resistant to damage, and they will keep your tubing in place.

Simplicity Dosing Container: PVC Hose Connectors
Heavy-Duty Silicone Tubing (sold separately)

We also have available heavy-duty silicone tubing (sold separately) in three colors to easily identify your dosing solutions, and we have float switch kits, too.

So, instead of having a mess inside and around your sump, try our dosing container which is designed to hold your dosing additives making your sump area neater and cleaner and will also make your life less complicated.

Remember, once you get past the first few months of your new aquarium, if you want to grow any kind of hard corals, like small polyp or large polyp stony corals, you will have to dose.  When your corals start growing, changing water is no longer enough to support their needs for calcium and other additives. The livestock will use up the nutrients faster than you can replenish them with a water change.

Start off right with some good equipment in your sump. You will be much happier in the long term if everything is neat and organized.Simplicity Aquatics aims to bring the aquarist equipment that is S.E.A-worthy or Simple, Effective, and Affordable. If you have any questions about this article or any of our other products, we can be reached at (424) 757-6150 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time or through our Contact Page.

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