Get an Affordable Protein Skimmer Without Sacrificing Build-Quality, Performance and Features

One thing we hear time and time again about our skimmers is, “It works so well, especially for the price!” It’s true, our protein skimmers are not only priced affordably, they are also chock full of features, have an amazing build quality and work better than any other skimmer near our price point.

Standard Features

  1. DC Controllable Pump: Powerful, energy efficient DC pump with needle wheel impeller and controller.
  2. Controller: Easily adjust pump speed and temporarily turn the pump off using the feed mode. Built-in digital readout displays current speed and power consumption.
  3. Thumbscrew Assembly: The thumbscrew assembly makes it easy to take the skimmer apart without tools and clean it. Skimmer body is made from high-quality cast acrylic that is durable and easy to clean.
  4. Collection Cup: Bayonet style locking collection cup is easy to remove and features a built-in collection cup drain.
  5. Wedge Pipe Indicator and Adjustable Air Intake: Easy to read wedge pipe setting indicator, adjustable air intake and controllable pump allows skimmer to be dialed in to achieve the best performance for your unique system.
  6. Hybrid Cone Design: The hybrid cone shape of the skimmer body, improves contact time giving proteins (ie waste) more chance to stick to the bubbles and be removed. Cone shape neck helps to concentrate the bubble foam as it rises.
  7. Needle Wheel Impeller: Slices up the air to create a ton of fine micro bubbles. These micro bubbles attract proteins removing food, detritus and other waste from the water.

But don’t take our word for it… Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

Amazon Review of Simplicity 240DC Protein Skimmer:

“I purchased this 240DC skimmer to replace an SCA skimmer. The Simplicity 240DC is hands down one of the best skimmers I have owned. The build quality is phenomenal, the included DC pump and controller is very energy efficient and super quiet! My overflow is louder than the pump. The included instructions are very well written and easy to follow. I was very pleasantly pleased to open the box it came-in. Very well packaged and super protected. All of the parts are individually wrapped and sealed in plastic. Simplicity nailed-it on a great skimmer!”

Amazon Review of Simplicity 120DC Protein Skimmer:

“I am really loving this skimmer! I have owned many skimmer is the past 12 years of reef keeping and none of performed as well as the Simplicity. The first thing the stands out is the build quality. It’s solid and ver nicely put together. I do some acrylic fabrication and can spot a good seam weld when I see one. It took about 5 days to break in and is now really pulling out some nice skimate. Right now, I have to empty the cup every other day. The pump runs very quiet – the only sound you’ll hear is from the air silencer. While researching a skimmer for my latest build – I came across the Simplicity brand on RC and then started looking them up. While the performance reviews were good… the customer service reviews were great! I wanted to get a brand that would stand by their product and have replacement parts available. If that’s important to you, the Simplicity is the skimmer to go with. The one thing I’d like to see changed is the size of the collection cup on the 120DC. The skimmer works so well that it fills the cup ever other day. It does have a drain in the cup but my sump walls are too tall to utilize it. I run the skimmer in 8″ of water and it’s fantastic.”

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