Simplicity Reefer Roundup October

Simplicity Reefer Roundup October Edition

Reefer Roundup is a new series on the Simplicity blog that highlights the recent developments in the aquarium industry. These articles will showcase exciting stories in the reefkeeping hobby and other related news.

Great Barrier Reef Coral Cover Showing Signs of Improvement

In some encouraging news, the Great Barrier Reef has shown the highest overall coral cover in 36 years. According to numerous news outlets, the Northern and Central parts of the Great Barrier Reef have shown a significant increase in coral cover. This news is encouraging as it follows two of the most devastating coral bleaching events in recent history in 2016 & 2017. While the reef is still very vulnerable to mass bleaching events due to rising ocean temperatures, the two bleaching events in 2021 and 2022 have resulted in far less death than those of previous years.

Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef

Aquarium of the Pacific Fall Scholarship Program for African American Students

The Aquarium of the Pacific offers an incredible scholarship program for African American students studying aquarium-related fields in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The program, now in its third year, awarded eleven students a $10,000 scholarship last year. Applicants must be California residents of African American heritage and provide proof of acceptance or enrollment in an accredited university. Applicants must also hold a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher from their most recent academic year. 

To learn more about the requirements and take the steps towards applying, please visit the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Website.

Aquashella Chicago Review & Roundup

Aquashella is an aquarium festival trade show with aquarium product manufacturers, art displays, and rare livestock dealers. This show in Chicago took place on October 8th & 9th. Attendance was impressive, given that Reef-A-Palooza Dallas was going on simultaneously. Aquashella always puts on a great show the whole family will enjoy, including a large selection of unique vendors, the Aquastudio art area, and other exhibits. Aquashella holds an annual exhibition in Orlando, Dallas, and Chicago.

To stay up to date on all things Aquashella, head to the website to learn more about their future shows.

Aquashella Chicago
Aquashella Chicago

Simplicity Product Spotlight

As opposed to just covering the basics of our Simplicity DC Protein Skimmer line, we wanted to highlight some of the unique features that differentiate these skimmers from other skimmers.

Simplicity Skimmer Wedge Pipe & Air Silencer
Simplicity Skimmer Wedge Pipe & Air Silencer

Each Simplicity Protein Skimmer comes with a DC controllable pump, a premium feature for skimmers in this price range. Unlike the standard AC-powered pumps found on most other affordable skimmer options, the DC pump on the Simplicity skimmers is controllable, safer, and more energy efficient.

Another differentiating feature of the Simplicity Protein Skimmer line is its three control points. Most protein skimmers adjust performance by increasing or decreasing the water level inside the skimmer’s body. With the Simplicity DC Protein Skimmer line, adjustments can be made by (1) changing the amount of air intake, (2) changing the speed of the pump, and (3) adjusting the water level inside the skimmer’s body by opening or closing the wedge pipe assembly. These two additional levels of control allow hobbyists to dial in the skimmer to meet their exact needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Simplicity DC Skimmers, head to the Skimmer Page on our website. If you’re ready to purchase one of these skimmers, use our Dealer Locator to find your closest store.

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