Protein Skimmers

120DC Protein Skimmer

120DC Protein Skimmer

240DC Protein Skimmer

240DC Protein Skimmer

320DC Protein Skimmer

320DC Protein Skimmer

540DC Protein Skimmer

540DC Protein Skimmer

800DC Protein Skimmer

800DC Protein Skimmer

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Simplicity Protein Skimmers

Better Water Quality for a Healthier Reef.

Experience the perfect synergy of performance and versatility with Simplicity DC Skimmers. Designed with three control points, these protein skimmers offer exceptional efficiency, easy maintenance, and unparalleled value, making them the ultimate choice for waste removal in aquariums. With five models to choose from, our skimmers are engineered to meet the needs of aquariums from 50 to over 500 gallons.

Clarifies Water

Our protein skimmers inject fine bubbles into the water that attract and bind to organic pollutants in your aquarium. This creates a dense foam that is further concentrated by the hybrid cone as it is carried into the collection cup, thereby, removing the waste to improve water quality to create a healthier reef ecosystem.

Exceptional Waste Removal

Our uniquely designed air intake valve pulls in more air than more expensive competitors, producing a dense waste-removing foam. The hybrid cone body then stabilizes the foam column and concentrates it as it rises, maximizing waste removal through foam fractionation.

aquarium skimmer controller


The included controller with built-in digital display makes adjusting the flow simple. The feed button temporarily turns off the skimmer for feeding and maintenance.

skimmer pump needle wheel impeller

Needle Wheel Impeller

The pump’s needle wheel impeller fragments the air, creating dense, waste-removing foam that effectively captures detritus and directs it into the collection cup.

skimmer air intake valve

Air Intake Valve

The adjustable air intake valve with silencer provides control of the skimmer’s air-to-water ratio for more efficient elimination of waste.

skimmer collection cup

Collection Cup

The collection cup fits securely in place thanks to the easy-to-remove bayonet-style lock. The built-in drain helps to simplify cleaning and maintenance.

skimmer wedge pipe indicator

Wedge Pipe Assembly

The wedge pipe assembly increases or decreases the water level inside the skimmer body to accommodate wet or dry skimmate.

simplicity hybrid coce skimmer

Compact Hybrid Cone

The hybrid cone design helps to concentrate the foam as it rises and improves contact time to capture more waste.

skimmer bubble plate

Bubble Plate

The bubble plate reduces turbulence as water exits the pump, which increases efficiency.

skimmer thumbscrew assembly

Thumbscrew Assembly

Four strategically-placed nylon thumbscrews can be hand-tightened or loosened to make assembly and disassembly of the skimmer easy.


24V DC
24V DC
24V DC
24V DC
24V DC
Power Consumption:
8-17 watts
8-18 watts
11-32 watts
16-47 watts
21-73 watts
Air Intake:
570 L/h
151 G/h
780 L/h
206 G/h
1,020 L/h
269 G/h
1,800 L/h
476 G/h
2,280 L/h
602 G/h
Flow Rate:
750 L/h
198 G/h
795 L/h
210 G/h
1,100 L/h
291 G/h
1,490 L/h
394 G/h
1,620 L/h
428 G/h
Bioload (Light):
up to 120 gal
up to 240 gal
up to 320 gal
up to 540 gal
up to 800 gal
Bioload (Medium):
up to 90 gal
up to 180 gal
up to 240 gal
up to 405 gal
up to 600 gal
Bioload (Heavy):
up to 60 gal
up to 120 gal
up to 160 gal
up to 270 gal
up to 400 gal
Reaction Chamber Diameter:
4.7 in.
5.5 in.
6.3 in.
7.9 in.
9.8 in.
Dimensions (L x W x H inches):
6.7 x 6.3 x 18.7
8.3 x 7.9 x 19.5
9.1 x 8.3 x 21.3
9.9 x 11.0 x 22.0
12.2 x 13.4 x 23.7
4.0 lbs.
5.9 lbs.
8.2 lbs.
11.9 lbs.
17.6 lbs.
In-sump Only
In-sump Only
In-sump Only
In-sump Only
In-sump Only
3-year Prorated Limited Warranty
3-year Prorated Limited Warranty
3-year Prorated Limited Warranty
3-year Prorated Limited Warranty
3-year Prorated Limited Warranty