FAQ: Skimmers

Installation + Setup

Between 7 and 9.5 inches. For optimal performance, the water level should not fluctuate up or down.

Approximately at the bayonet neck / collection cup joint. The water level will vary slightly from tank to tank depending upon water chemistry and quality.

For optimal performance, the pump should be run at full power.

Each Simplicity skimmer controller is capable of displaying the following information:

  1. Wattage Consumed: Displayed by default. This number typically moves around 1-2 watts in each direction based on the skimmer tuning and normal fluctuations in electrical usage.
  2. Relative Speed: Displayed when either the [ – ] or [ + ] button is pushed to adjust the speed of the pump.
    For the 120DC and 240DC, the relative speed ranges from 1-9.
    For 320DC, 540DC and 800DC skimmers, the relative speed ranges from 1-20.